Venue Rental

Venue Rental

Come and entertain guests on your own terms

Our venue is a beautiful & upmarket raw barn looking space that’s unique to find in the northern suburbs and is built and designed to be transformed to your needs.  The following services are on hand for your event:

The Space

Room Measurement: 540m2

Ceiling Height: 8m in the centre, 6m on the sides

Building Dimensions: 30m length x 18m width

Bathroom Facilities

  • 8 x Unisex bathroom stalls
  • 1 x Disabled
  • 4 x Men’s bathroom with 4 urinals

We welcome

Technical Support

Already installed are warm room downlight and LED Parcans around the room that can be changed to match your colour needs. Our technical support is done by Upstage Productions, who will be able to assist with all your sound, audio-visual, staging, lighting and set needs including operators to handle any of your events.


We have an accomplished list of Decor specialists that can be utilised for your event, who are able to create an elegant and distinct event. We are able to coordinate this for you or give you direct contact with any of the suppliers. Should you require to use a supplier who is not listed on our accredited vendors, we would require to vet them prior to your event. We do offer table benches at a minimal cost within the venue or outside should you need.


The venue comes equipped with a preparation kitchen, (not a fully operational kitchen as it does not have ovens) that has easy access for your caterers needs.

We have our preferred catering companies for you to choose from for your event, that range from canape options to plated three course gourmet meals, or a menu personally designed for your needs. You may bring in your own catering companies that are not on the venue accredited list however they will have to be approved by the venue prior to the event with all necessary health and safety accreditation.

Bar Service

The venue comes with a fully-stocked bar within the space that ensures that your drink of choice is always at-hand. Licensed through Prison Break Market, our team from The Side Bar and have experienced barman to serve your needs with a variety of options from local and imported beers, wines and champagnes, and cocktails. We also are in partnership with the The Noble Experiment Distillery, Wildebeer Brewing Co. and several Wine Estates who all produce their specific alcohol on the premises of Prison Break Market, who can supply us with niche alcohol or an experience for your event.

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